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本文摘要:Samsung, LG and Google have pledged to provide monthly security updates for smartphones running the Android operating system.三星、LG和谷歌早已允诺每月都对用于安卓操作系统的智能手机展开安全性升级。


Samsung, LG and Google have pledged to provide monthly security updates for smartphones running the Android operating system.三星、LG和谷歌早已允诺每月都对用于安卓操作系统的智能手机展开安全性升级。In July, a major bug was discovered in the software that could let hijackers access data on up to a billion phones. Manufacturers have been slow to roll out a fix because many variations of Android are widely used.七月份,安卓软件经常出现故障,黑客可利用该故障提供数十亿手机上的数据。由于各种版本的安卓系统获得普遍的应用于,制造商没能及时发售解决方案。One Android expert said it was about time phone makers issued security fixes more quickly. Android has been working to patch a vulnerability, known as Stagefright, which could let hackers access a phones data simply by sending somebody a video message.一名安卓系统专家回应,生产商公布修复程序只是时间问题。

安卓系统仍然在修复取名为Stagefright的漏洞,黑客可凭借该漏洞向用户发送到视频信息才可盗取手机数据。My guess is that this is the single largest software update the world has ever seen, said Adrian Ludwig, Androids lead engineer for security, at hacking conference Black Hat.安卓首席安全性工程师在黑帽安全性技术大会上回应:“我指出这是世界上必须改版的仅次于的软件。

”LG, Samsung and Google have all said a number of their handsets will get the fix, with further updates every month.LG、三星以及谷歌也回应他们的很多手机每个月都会改版以修复漏洞。Android is an open source operating system, with the software freely available for phone manufacturers to modify and use on their handsets.安卓是一种开源式的操作系统,手机厂商可以免费将软件加装在生产的手机上。

The Google-led project does provide security fixes for the software, but phone manufacturers are responsible for sending the updates to their devices. Some phones running old versions of Android are no longer updated by the manufacturer. Many companies also deploy customised versions of Android which take time to get the updates.谷歌公司领导的该项目显然为软件获取修复程序,但是必须手机厂商将改版程序发送至其生产的设备。一些手机运营较杨家版本的安卓系统,手机厂商已仍然为此类手机获取修复程序。很多公司配备的是定做的安卓系统,融合改版程序,须一段时间。

Apple and BlackBerry can patch security problems more quickly because they develop both the software and the hardware for their devices. BlackBerrys software is reviewed by mobile networks before being sent to handsets, while Apple can push updates to its phones whenever it wants.苹果公司以及黑莓公司需要更慢的修缮安全性问题,因为这两家公司不仅生产设备的软件,还生产设备的硬件。黑莓公司将软件发送至手机时,不会经过手机网络的审查,而苹果公司可以随时对手机展开改版。

The very nature of Android is that manufacturers add their own software on top, so there have been delays in software roll-outs, said Jack Parsons, editor of Android Magazine.安卓杂志编辑 Jack Parsons回应:“安卓系统的一个特点是,生产商最后才加装软件,因此软件交付给不会有延期。”In the US its even worse because mobile carriers often add their own software too. Theres no real villain here, thats just how the system works. But there will always be security concerns with software, so its right that some of the manufacturers are stepping up to deal with this now.在美国,情况更加差劲,因为手机用户常常加到自己的软件。只不过没确实的坏人,关键是系统运作的方式。