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本文摘要:Heres one way to curb phone addiction.这儿有一个遏制手机瘾的方式。


Heres one way to curb phone addiction.这儿有一个遏制手机瘾的方式。A Japanese company has created an iPhone case to help parents stop their kids from becoming too addicted to their phones.日本一家企业发明人了一款iPhone手机壳,能够大哥家长劝阻孩子太过沉溺于手机。The case, called the Otomos, is fixed to the phone and cannot be removed without a special screw.这个手机壳起名叫Otomos,它被同样在手机上,仅有根据一个特别制作的螺钉才可以卸除。


Otomos pairs up with an app that allows parents to limit the childs daily phone usage. If the child exceeds their daily limit, the phone will automatically enter sleep mode.Otomos与一款应用软件相接,家长能够根据该程序流程允许孩子平时用于手机的状况。假如孩子用手机的時间远远超过了每天的允许,手机将不容易全自动转到睡眠质量中方式。Motion detectors built into the case are also able to deactivate the phone automatically while the child is walking.手机壳内设定的健身运动探测器也必须在孩子行走时将手机全自动再开。Otomos, which was created by Momo Ltd, can also send automatic messages to parents phones if it senses that a significant physical shock, such as an accident, has taken place.Otomos 由日本Momo企业发明人。

假如Otomos感受到明显的机械设备冲击性,例如孩子再次出现了车祸事故,那麼它还不容易全自动给家长的手机发送至短消息。We have developed the product after hearing many views and concerns of parents who have children using smartphones, Masato Otsu, president of Momo Ltd, told Kyodo news agency.Momo公司老总Masato Otsu对他说日本共同社:“大家征询了很多建议,及其用于智能化手机的孩子的家长关注的难题,随后产品研发了这个商品。


”All you have to do is just attach the case, so it is very easy to use.“Otomos的使用方法比较简单,你只需把手机壳配有上。”The smartphone case had earlier raised some $8,000 on Japanese crowdfunding platform Makuake.先前,这款智能化手机壳早就在日本众筹网站Makuake上筹集了大概8000美金(折合5.五万元rmb)。

The company is expected to charge around $5 a month for a two-year contract that includes the case.该企业方案向购置手机壳特2年服务项目的客户每个月交纳五美元。As of now, the case seems to be compatible with only iPhones, so if youre an Android family, youll just have to keep your kids away from their phones some other way.现阶段看来,Otomos手机壳也许不可以相溶iPhone手机。假如你亲人用于的是安卓系统手机,你不能去找其他方法让孩子挨近她们的手机了。